Tribes is Alive!

Believe it or not Tribes wasn't always this massive / 
It used to have lore and it had shitter graphics /
It seems to me - being new to this franchise - we /
Should do all that we can, even though it's f2p /
Grab your skis, put 'em on get your jets and your accolades /
Fly around the place and ski, every single lucky day / 
Lucky you, you were spamming, on the stand when I was landin' /
Clutch flag pass, now it's us who are fraggin' /
You can hear the VGS as its ringing out for miles /
All the peeps on mumble going crazy for our sick style /
The nearest chaser's miles /
So why should I care? /
When everything a Tribe could wanna do was right there? /

Yeah! / 
Blue plates! / 
Air mails! /
Flags! / 
Come play man! / 
Lightweight! / 
Rage perk! / 
Disc jumps! / 
Flag stands! / 

Can you believe man, they took our flag away? /
Now what I wouldn't give to chase like I was back in the day. /

But soon JUGs come /
And so starts the overtime I'm ready 'cos it's mortartime /
Initially I'm stunned and I'm sure shit will be just fine /
But it isn't /
Sonic punch makes a mess of the flag you were given /
What you doing? People shouting, a mad scramble for the grab /
And what you have to now accept is what to do is shoot the flag /
And some people will be mad, 'cos the proxies that they had /
Blew your team away and you still you're screaming "everybody's bad" /

You do what they say or /
They will make you pay, oh /
Each and every day you've /
Less energy to play /
From that plastic chair you're sitting in /
The console that you've written in /
Your auto aim is sickening /
It's time to take your Ritalin /

They will break your D if you give them a chance /
Whether it's spamming with some mortars so you're doing that stand-dance /
Or if you lag for just one second they'll be owning your whole stand /
But whatever, don't you ever, don't you ever try to land. /

Puttin' up a bit of a protest when IDK? challenge ya, /
Heartbreakerz and Pomf slowly climbing up that ladder, /
You've no real concept of why Tribes' crashin', /
You don't give a damn if PROJ is bashin' ya /
And you don't get told anything about the patches, /
You think you're immortal and there ain't no stoppin' ya, /
And there ain't no stopping ya!  /
Over hill, down a slope /
Doesn't matter 'cos you're dope  /
Anything's possible now you've a scope /
As I recall, Europe's got 'em all, /
Though Remicks, he ain't so small, /
And all we have to worry about is like,  /
O-scopes and small maps,  /
Juzz makin' shit raps, /
Reddit talking more crap, /
In awe of the montages we see put out, /
I guess we'll never be as young as we are right now.  /

With sincere apologies to Akira The Don