Monthly Tribes:Ascend Tournaments!

2nd MarchScramble Physics RabbitKennet
6th April2v2 Marauder ArenaImpaler & Matin
4th MayShrike DuelsJPWai
1st JuneGrav Bike DuelsNecroRii
6th July??????

The tournament will run every month. To win (cash) you must have a PayPal account. If you win and don't have a PayPal account you will receive Tribes Gold.

Fifth Tournament: July 6th at 1800 BST (1900 CET)


Prize donations generously offered by the community. This is a player-supported competition - if you would like to help out or donate please contact Juzzo.

How will it work?

!!-Suck-A-Tournament!! servers for the specific games will be set up for the event. Checking in will occur on EU Mumble a few minutes prior to the event starting.

But... why?

Encouraging people to get together to play in a small tournament frequently may help to grow the community. By offering money as a prize, I hope to encourage everyone to join in, especially those that might not otherwise have the inclination come on Mumble or meet up with the community. I hope that through people meeting on the new types of servers like the Suck-A servers (and by encouraging the use of those servers by this tournament) people will continue to find fresh, interesting and fun ways to play.